Cinde Carroll

Cinde Carroll


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“Cinde has helped me immensely. I play golf and tennis and I’ve had back problems over the years. My back has never felt healthier than it does now.

~ Rob Lyons


“Cinde has not only given me a path to finding a pain-free life, she has helped me to be more body aware and as a result, I can walk my dogs, kayak, paddleboard,and cycle with greater ease. Her natural and intuitive approach has set me on the right path to a pain-free life as I age.”

~ Pamela Fendt


“She is obsessed with having your body be in balance and feel good. If you want results, go to Cinde.”

~ Kimberley Summers


“It is with the highest level of praise that I recommend Cinde as a trainer.”
~ Dr. David Schreibman


“Cinde is an encyclopedia of fitness — she can recomend an excerise to meet any need!”
~ Dan Gerdes


“Her vivacious, energetic and active participation ensured an hour interwoven with rehab tips, professional and supportive guidance and a refreshing, genuine concern for the daily welfare of her clients.”
- Linda Slavin, M.S.


“Cinde Carroll is incredible!”
- Thomas J. O’Donnell


“Since working with Cinde, I have never felt better and I don’t think I could have done it alone.”
- William H. Shedgeman, Jr.


“Cinde is the epitome of a fitness guru and she has my highest recommendation.”
- Dr. Murray J. (Murf) Klauber