Nutrition Services

Do you battle with…





Weight Gain

Cognitive Decline

Brain Fog

Alzheimer’s disease


Parkinson’s disease


Fibromyalgia and much more

If so, Karen can design a one-on-one personalized nutrition program to empower you to take control of your health, return to activities you love, and feel more vibrant. As a specialist in functional and integrative nutrition, she will build a nutrition lifestyle plan to minimize your struggles and help you achieve lasting positive change.

What’s Involved

 Initial Nutritional Consultation

Working side-by-side, Karen will review your history, medical records, labs, lifestyle, nutrition and environmental factors that may be influencing your health; a process designed to help find the root causes of your health problems. You will leave with guidelines and specific areas to address as we develop a personalized nutrition and wellness program to address your goals.

Follow-Up Sessions

Together we evaluate your progress and adjust your program as needed. You may encounter struggles along the way, but Karen will be there to keep you on track. Functional lab testing may be suggested to help get to the root of specific challenges and supplements may be added to provide nutritional support. Step by step, you will achieve the goals you set so you can be the best you can be.

Having a chronic condition, my nutrition needs are specific and often complicated. I’ve worked with Karen for 5 years, and she’s been phenomenal helping me control and maintain my health. She goes above and beyond with me and is a continuous learner who brings her expertise to bear in making me feel my best all of the time.

Sarah C.

 I’ve been struggling with stomach issues for a long time. I did my research with Karen and discovered I had SIBO.  Even my doctor and specialists had no idea what I had. I was very lucky to find Karen….literally a lifesaver!  I’m now SIBO-free. She’s wonderful!

Laura C.

Karen Reynolds, Registered Dietician Nutritionist

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Optimal Nutrition Program

A 4 –month intensive personalized program to establish and work on the root cause(s) of your health challenges.  Functional lab testing includes either a nutrient analysis, stool testing, food sensitivity and/or organic acid tests based on your specific needs. Each of the six bi weekly sessions provides specific nutrition education to help heal and restore your body and achieve sustainable results. This program also includes body composition analysis, nutrition app for monitoring food intake, text and email support to help hold you accountable and successful.

Getting Started

Schedule a complimentary 15-minute nutritional health consultation.  Integrative and functional nutrition therapy requires a working relationship between you and me. It’s important for you to find the right professional to work with you during your wellness journey. During our call we will discuss your health concerns and goals with time for questions you may have.  Costs vary based on your needs and will be discussed at this time.

Please contact Karen at reynolds.karenann@gmail.com or call 917-817-8163.


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