Yi Jin Jing (Muscle Tendon Change Classic) Qi Gong

with Timothy Agnew


Yi Jin Jing (Muscle Tendon Change Classic) Qi Gong

Yi Jin Jing qi gong (eeee-ing-jing) is a powerful gong that focuses on breathing, muscle-tendons, and the connective tissues of the body. While the emphasis is on strengthening and vitalizing your tendons specifically, it is imperative to understand what is happening to the tissues internally. This class will focus on the science of internal movement, as well as the forms. It will also demystify the esoteric nature of what qi gong really is, and explain the “mysterious” components of the movements. Instead of just following the teacher, you will understand what the postures are doing internally, and understand what they are doing to change your body. With this knowledge, you will progress beyond your wildest dreams.

Qi gong consists of 3 components: Breathing, Intent, Movement. The focus of this gong is in strengthening and vitalizing the tendons for incredible changes in balance, movement, and overall health. In each movement, the intention shifts to different areas of the body.  The more familiar you get with your breath, your intent, and “stillness in movement,” the more deep and intensive the exercises will become.  This gong is especially beneficial for arthritic conditions, cancer patients, and everyone! (cancer patients are always free)

What to Expect:

  • Tendon change (stronger, thicker)

  • Improved balance

  • Pain relief

  • Improved reflexes

  • Better sleep

  • Improved health

  • A new superpower


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